Private Fund Investing: Centralized & Simplified

Welcome to the
21st Century of
Private Fund Investing.


Investors create one digital subscription profile
as a basis to transact across multiple private funds


Portfolio Central

Digital capital transactions, reporting & document management for all your
private fund investments- through a single, secure platform


Lock it up

SaaS delivery platform utilizing end-to-end
digital encryption and two-factor authentication


Get Liquid

Analyze private fund liquidity, and customize it via an
integrated solution–the BridgePort Liquidity Exchange (BLX™)


BridgePort has been created by investors, for investors.

Leverage the power of a digital subscription profile, centralize all your private fund transactions and reports, analyze and customize your private fund liquidity- all through a single, secure SaaS platform.



Provide investors with a fully encrypted, digital subscription profile, centralized transactions and reporting, and custom liquidity, with no disruption to portfolio integrity or existing fund terms. Provide select prospects with instant visibility, utilizing BridgePort 3D.

Leverage a custom, white-labeled UI to provide clients with a centralized, digital transaction & reporting platform, and custom deployment of our universal investor subscription profile (OneDoc).


Our Mission is Imperative

We are modernizing the private fund investment experience to bring centralization, fluidity and liquidity to key industry constituents.

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Your Security is Paramount

Transmitting investors’ sensitive financial information or fund managers’ portfolio holdings via email presents unacceptable security risks. At a minimum, the private fund industry needs to hold itself to a security standard that meets or exceeds those of regulated banks or broker-dealers.

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BridgePort registration is FREE and simple!



Third Party Administrators


Establish your secure login, two-factor authentication, and complete your OneDoc profile

Provide entity(s) legal name and primary contact

Provide organization’s formal name, logo, and primary contact


Create your portfolio and link to each of your private investments

Request an MEPID, and establish a Master Entity Profile

Request an MAPID, and establish a Master Administrator Profile


Update or request balance information from the respective third-party administrator

Share your MEPID with your investors to enhance their security, enable digital transactions and centralize their reporting

Share your MAPID with your clients to enhance their security, enable digital transactions and centralize their reporting

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Modernizing the private Fund ecosystem Is no easy task- but a necessary one.

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Learn how BridgePort can transform your private fund investment experience.

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