Private Fund Investing: Digitized & Centralized



A centralized, private fund investment platform, built on cutting edge, secure technology.


Investors create one digital subscription profile as a basis to transact across multiple private funds

Portfolio Central

Digital capital transactions, reporting & document management for all your private fund investments- through a single, secure platform

Lock It Up

SaaS delivery platform utilizing end-to-end digital encryption and two-factor authentication

Get Liquid

Analyze private fund liquidity, and customize it via an integrated solution–the BridgePort Liquidity Exchange (BLX™)

A centralized, private fund investment portal built on cutting edge, secure technology

A Robust Value Proposition



  • Create one subscription profile (OneDoc™), including all AML and KYC documentation, and subscribe to any private fund or entity.
  • Execute capital transactions and receive reports for all your private funds through a single, secure dashboard.
  • Securely store all documentation related to each entity in your portfolio such as legal, financial & tax reporting, manager correspondence and more.
  • Link BridgePort to your primary bank for ”One-click” transactions in any private fund or entity.
  • Create your online private fund portfolio, and analyze the true “term” liquidity across your entire private fund portfolio.
  • Create custom liquidity optionality for any private fund via the BridgePort Liquidity Exchange (BLX™).
  • Edit your investor profile across multiple entities once.
  • Protect your data with BridgePort’s best-in-class security, eliminating email transmissions of highly sensitive information.



  • Deploy digital subscriptions, and securely approve, sign and transmit agreements to fund administrator and investors.
  • Provide investors with custom liquidity optionality, with no disruption to portfolio integrity or existing fund terms, and no side letters.
  • Enhance your prospective investors’ visibility through BridgePort 3D
    , a comprehensive due-diligence database that allows you to permission select prospects to view your entity(s) MEP.
  • Transmit fully encrypted messages and documents to investors, including offering documents, investor letters, and more.
  • Utilize your Manager Dashboard to review and approve investor transactions, process encrypted capital calls and capital distributions at the click of a button, and more.
  • Potentially increase investment levels given more flexible liquidity optionality.

Third Party Administrators


  • Leverage the capital we have invested to deploy your unique, white-labeled, digital transaction and reporting environment that universally and seamlessly integrates across the private investor ecosystem.
  • Access the portability and universal nature of our agnostic digital subscription profile, and deploy it to each of your clients and their investors- with your unique branding and custom user interface.
  • Provide investors with secure and centralized capital transactions , digital entity profiles, and a seamlessly integrated reporting environment.
  • Approve, digitally sign, and securely transmit subscription packages to fund managers and investors.
  • Securely process fully encrypted, digital capital transactions, including subscriptions, redemptions, capital calls and distributions.