Private Fund Investing: Digitized & Centralized



Introducing the BridgePort Liquidity Exchange (BLX).

Investor liquidity reduced from months or years- to days

BLX provides BridgePort subscribing funds and their investors exclusive access to a unique “i2i” lending platform, matching yield-seeking private investors holding idle cash, with fund investors seeking liquidity optionality through collateralized bridge facilities.

BLX utilizes unique algorithms to assign proprietary collateral ratings based on key entity terms, underlying asset liquidity, historical drawdowns, portfolio composition and additional metrics to drive note LTV and base rate spreads.

For private funds, “…the average term of investor illiquidity is 172 days.”

– SEC study of Hedge Fund Illiquidity, May 2017


Exclusive i2i platform matches liquidity seekers with liquidity (note) investors

Investors can capitalize on immediate investment opportunities or funding needs, extend investment periods, fund capital call commitments, or defer gains

Private fund investments are secured as collateral to expedite existing notice periods, lockups or investment horizons.

Private fund managers can offer liquidity optionality to new and existing investors, without disrupting portfolio integrity or interfering with existing fund terms.

Private investors may include private fund managers, family offices, and other sophisticated investors. Note that access to information relating to an investor’s underlying funds is granted only upon the express authorization of that investor. BridgePort adheres to a strict privacy policy and under no circumstances discloses information relating to, or compromises the privacy of, any investor or fund on the platform.

The BridgePort Liquidity Exchange (BLX)

Unrivaled flexibility and liquidity options for private fund investors.

Private Fund Managers

Provide investors with custom liquidity optionality, with no disruption to portfolio integrity or existing fund terms, and no side letters.

Private Fund Investors

Leverage proprietary BLX algorithms to analyze the true “term” liquidity across your entire private fund portfolio, and customize it to your unique needs.

Yield-Seeking Investors

Private investors and private funds holding unencumbered cash can capture attractive yields through the purchase of collateralized “i2i” notes.