The World’s First Solution for Centralized Private Fund Investing

SAN DIEGO, CA—September 23, 2019: Bridgeport Financial Technology has today announced the launch of its private fund investment platform, BridgePort™.  Designed to eliminate the transactional friction private fund investors have contended with for decades, BridgePort™ will truly transform the transaction and reporting environment for the hedge fund, private equity and venture capital fund investment community.

BridgePort™ is a front-to-back, encrypted SaaS platform that streamlines and centralizes private fund investing, while providing key industry constituents with a more efficient and secure transactional environment.  The platform accommodates digital investor transactions and multi-fund reporting through a single, encrypted platform, algorithmic-based portfolio analytics and dashboards, and custom liquidity to augment existing private fund investment terms.

“The private fund industry attracts some of the brightest and most talented investment professionals, yet the investor transactional environment is dated, cumbersome and decentralized.  A modern and streamlined transactional environment is long overdue”, said Christopher Nero, Founder and CEO of Bridgeport Financial Technology. “BridgePort™ offers a comprehensive solution that makes private fund investing more efficient, centralized and streamlined for investors, institutions and managers.  If I can buy and sell alternative ETFs on my smart phone in seconds, there’s no reason it should take weeks or months, and piles of paper to transact in private funds.  We have spent a few years designing an optimal solution, partnered with the best organizations- from payment processors and fund administrators, to investors, law firms and engineers- and built what we believe is a cutting-edge platform.”

The BridgePort™ platform may be deployed directly to private fund investors, multi-fund investors, such as family offices or endowment consultants, OCIO’s, fund managers, distributors, and third-party administrators via a white label user interface.

About Bridgeport Financial Technology

Bridgeport Financial Technology is a San Diego-based fintech company created by investors, for investors, to modernize the private fund investment experience through centralization, fluidity and liquidity.

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